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Learn your rights, and be prepared to fight for them.

Get your health care directives in place or updated to be sure your wishes are known and will be carried out if you're hospitalized due to the coronavirus.

As an AARP family caregiving expert, Amanda writes, speaks and is an advocate for the financial and legal issues that affect family caregivers.


These steps can lessen the workload and make the process easier.

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Before you consider the DIY route, know all the facts.

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Planning for the unexpected is tough, but reacting without a plan is even harder.


Research, training and outreach is needed to better equip these communities.


How to recognize early signs of abuse and take action.

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How to provide the information they’ll need to manage your online data.

Estate planning, Elder Law, Caregiver Ad

Get these important legal papers in place before you need them.

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A break from caregiving duties is a necessity, not a luxury.

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Use family time to discuss future caregiving plans.


Plan ahead and give them the legal authority to help you.


Legal and financial planning advice for 'elder orphans'.

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Clear, written health care direction is a gift to those who love you.

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Ways to stay afloat when you are providing care for multiple people at the same time.

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